Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Today is Halloween and we are so excited for our Halloween Dance-A-Thon and to go out Trick or Treating tonight.  Also, our school is having a bake sale and we brought money to buy INCREDIBLE treats.   We are having a fang-tastic party this afternoon and we are going to listen to some spooky music.
Here we are in our costumes.

We LOVE being joyful and most days we try to dance right before lunch.  This is a great time for us to be silly and crazy together.  Sometimes, the grade 5 class comes to dance with us.  Today we danced to the Theme from Ghost Busters.  Please have a look...

Have a great SPOOK TASTIC and INCREDIBLE Halloween because we sure will!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Today we had our third session of The Integrated Arts with Mr. H.  We are learning about blogging and each of us has our own blog.  You can find the link to our blogs on the side of this page.  Before our session today we created our personal AVATARS, and we uploaded them to our blogs.

Here we are working together to create our AVATARS.
 Did you know that it is important to blog about interesting things and to use voice so the reader can understand the importance that this topic may have to you.  Voice is when you use strong and powerful vocabulary to describe something that you are passionate about.

Listening to M.H speaking to us about voice. 

 We also learnt that it is important to include a lot of detail in our blogs so that our audience understands what we are writing about.  Mr. H also taught us that it is very important to keep our blogs short because people do not like to read "BB" BORING BLOGS!!!!

We are writing on our FIRST blog, on both the IPADS and the MacBooks. 
What students have to say:
Adam: "Don't be a cyber bully!"
Callan: "It is important to not share our personal information."
Cayden: "It is fun with Mr H because he teaches us how to be a good blogger."
J-F:" Don't write inappropriate things on the blogs."
Andrew: "Don't forget to put videos and photos".
Shaelee: "I've leaned how to blog and it is fun."
Anna: "Don't make up gross words."
Seamus: "Make sure to keep it interesting and make sure to make a good title."
Chloe: "Give credit when you borrow something from another place."

Today was an INCREDIBLE day infused with TECHNOLOGY!!

Friday, 26 October 2012


In our class we have an estimation jar.  Once a week, one of us brings the estimation jar home.  The person who takes home the estimation jar needs to fill it with 10-100 of the same objects.  The jar returns to school on Monday and everyday we estimate.    


 On Friday, we read out all of the estimations and then we count the actual items in the jar.  If the jar has candy in it, then we all get a candy but it has to be in a wrapper.  If you have any ideas for us to put in our jar we would love to hear from you.


What some students say about this learning activity:
Mackenzie: “ I am learning how to count.”
Dakota: “We learn math by guessing the number in the jar”
Robyn: “We estimate the number in the jar and I am getting better at estimating.”
Tyah: “When you put a number in the jar you guess a number and if you get near the number like 5 numbers on each side of the number, then you have made a good estimation.”
Kylee: “It is fun when you estimate because you might get it right.”
Matthew: “You are only allowed to guess once.”
Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the math that we did on this INCREDIBLE day!


Welcome to our Blog

Thank you for visiting our blog.  We are excited to share our daily activities and routines with you.  We do lots of very interesting and awesome work.  SOMETIMES, we do not even know that we are working because we are having so much FUN!  

In grade 3 we go for swimming lessons for 6 weeks.  Today was our day for swimming.  It was a lot of fun but it sure does make us tired for the rest of the day.

Mme Boychuk talked to us about tattling and telling.  We are learning how to deal with different problems.  Peridon states, “that tattling is telling on someone for no reason and that what they did was not hurtful”.  Amber says that "telling is when it hurts you."  

In science, we looked at two different forces TRACTION and PUSH.  Robyn says that a traction is "when you pull something.”  Chloe says that a push is "something that you push.  Like when you move out of the house and there are things that are really heavy and you need to push the boxes.  

Comments about the day…..
Amber: Today was the best.
Maia : Today was really, really, fun.
Tyah: Today we learned about tractions and pushing, it was very interesting.  
Robyn: Today we learnt about tattling and telling.  Make sure that you do not get a TATTLE TONGUE.
Nyah: Today was the best day ever because I had a lot of fun.
Sameer:  We learnt a new game in gym, it was called Zombie Tag.
Justine: Today we went to swimming and it was a lot of fun.  
Mackenzie: Today we wrote in our journals about tatteling, it was fun.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our INCREDIBLE DAY!