Sunday, 27 October 2013


Bailee volunteers at The Community of Hope Food Bank.  She approached Mme Clarke (our principal) to ask if the students at École Robert Browning could help by collecting food for the hungry.  Bailee created a video with some help from her mom and other adults.  She went from class to class to speak with the students about her initiative and how they could help.  She gave each student a paper bag to fill and to return to the school.  The response so far has been breath taking.  It is amazing what kids, even the young ones can achieve.  You have a big heart Bailee and you should be very proud of your self because we sure are. 

Share Bag Promorional from Riverwood Church on Vimeo.


Thursday we made apple sauce.  This is what we did.
Bryden: First we counted all of the apples.
Rylan: Then we crated a math story using the apples we counted.
Bailee: We had to measure the apples, we did this by using a string and then measuring the string with a ruler.
Justin: Next we estimated how many seeds were in the apples.  I thought that our apples had 50 seeds.
Sydnee: Our next step was to peel the apples.  We got to use a special peeler and butter knifes.
Felix: After we got the peels off we had to cut the apple up to the core. My mom was in my class to help us cut up the apples.
Carter: Then once we had a full bowl of sliced apples we had to weigh them.  My groups apples weighed 455g.  That's a lot of apples.
Kiana: Next, we put all the cut up apples into a huge pot.
Wyatt: Then we added sugar.  We got to mix up all of the apples with our hands.  It felt really gooey and sticky.
Antun:  The next step was to add some cinnamon
Bronwyn: Next Felix's mom helped us by cooking the apple sauce for us!  Thank you very much Mrs Ross!
Kiana: It was incredible!
Ethan: It tasted good.
Sydnee: It was delicious!
Teagan: It was the best apple sauce I ever tasted!
Wyatt: It was not normal apple sauce, it was cinnamon apple sauce.
Rylan: The cinnamon really hit the spot!
Reese: It tasted really, really, really, really, really good!
Bryden: It smelt good and it was awesome!
Sam: I tried it but I did not like it.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Le son "on"

This morning we were working on the French sound "on".  We have a song/video that we would like to share. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The past few days

Sorry that we have not posted in a while.  We have been VERY busy.
Last week, we skyped with a class of grade 5's.  They where from North Carolina in the United Staes of America.  Did you know that they do not have any snow there?  That is so weird because we have tons of it.

Here is what students have to say...
Ethan: It was fun to try to figure out where they lived.
Carter: It was really interesting because we found out where they live and they found out where we live.
Sydnee: They asked lots of good questions and they live far a way from us.
Jersea: It was cool, awesome and interesting.

Today we went swimming for the very first time.  ALL grade 3's in our division take 6 weeks of swimming throughout the year.

Here is what the students had to say...

Bronwyn: Our instructors were all really nice.
Wyatt: We got to do back floats and front floats a lot.  We got to swim in different parts of the pool. 
Baillee: It was really fun
Kiana: They have a deep-end and a shalow-end
Justin: We had lots of fun.
Ethan: It is a really warm pool.
Sydnee: It was fun because it was the first time we had swimming at school
Carter: We all had different teachers.