Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Today we had our third session of The Integrated Arts with Mr. H.  We are learning about blogging and each of us has our own blog.  You can find the link to our blogs on the side of this page.  Before our session today we created our personal AVATARS, and we uploaded them to our blogs.

Here we are working together to create our AVATARS.
 Did you know that it is important to blog about interesting things and to use voice so the reader can understand the importance that this topic may have to you.  Voice is when you use strong and powerful vocabulary to describe something that you are passionate about.

Listening to M.H speaking to us about voice. 

 We also learnt that it is important to include a lot of detail in our blogs so that our audience understands what we are writing about.  Mr. H also taught us that it is very important to keep our blogs short because people do not like to read "BB" BORING BLOGS!!!!

We are writing on our FIRST blog, on both the IPADS and the MacBooks. 
What students have to say:
Adam: "Don't be a cyber bully!"
Callan: "It is important to not share our personal information."
Cayden: "It is fun with Mr H because he teaches us how to be a good blogger."
J-F:" Don't write inappropriate things on the blogs."
Andrew: "Don't forget to put videos and photos".
Shaelee: "I've leaned how to blog and it is fun."
Anna: "Don't make up gross words."
Seamus: "Make sure to keep it interesting and make sure to make a good title."
Chloe: "Give credit when you borrow something from another place."

Today was an INCREDIBLE day infused with TECHNOLOGY!!

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