Monday, 10 December 2012

New experiences happening in our class.

Last week we had student-led conferences and they were a lot of fun. We welcomed our parents in to our incredible class. Our parents were so proud of us when we shared all of our learning.

Today, we went to the Western Canadian Aviation Museum. We learned about many fascinating facts about different planes. Did you know that bush planes had wooden wings and a metal frame for the body and then clothe was wrapped around the body of the plane. These planes could land in crazy places like on the side of a mountain
Cargo planes can carry heavy and enormous objects to different places and areas. There are special kinds of cargo planes like the Hercules.

We saw a fighter jet and it looked very interesting to fly and it could do lots of fast tricks. The coolest thing is that it had Sameer's countries flag on the side of the tail. The plane was also able to shoot weapons which damaged the inside of the plane. 
There was even an old Air Canada Passenger plane.  We got to board the plane and there was even a kitchen were they used to make real food like steak!  YUMMY!!!! Tyah explained that the smell of the inside of the plane was gross and Robyn stated that it smelt a skunk.
Lastly, we got to have some special time with Chris Without the Hat.  We wrote different variations of O'Canada using words that were very Canadian.   We also created an identity story about Mikey who helped people in his community.

In math, we have been learning about different shapes and we created snow flakes with the shapes that we learned.  Then we had to describe and count all the different shapes that we used in our snowflake.  Enjoy the pictures of the snowflakes.

What students have to say about their learning
Nyah: "I learned that certain planes are made out of wood."
Sameer: "I learned how cool planes can be!"
Meaghan: "I learned that planes can be super cool."
Vu: "I learned about the Fighter jet and the fire shells."
Dakota: "I learned that that some of the planes were original planes.  I also learned that cargo planes opened from the front and if you are out side and you can't get in you use special doors, because you can not open doors to drop a package that is heavy so you have to use the entrance that you come in."
Shaelee: "I learned that bush planes can land on all different surfaces."
Amber: "I learned that it is hard to stop cargo planes because they are so big. When they want to drop something they put it in a parachute.  The museum was super cool and awesome."
"I learned that canoe planes have a big giant camera in them."
Seamus: "There are special cargo planes that can open from the front and the back."
Robyn: "I learned that Elf took different sorts of pictures on the plane to make maps."
Kylee: "It was really cool to go on the Air Canada plane.  I also learned when our parents were little they did not have any lids to go on the overhead bins."  Nyah: "The museum was very fascinating."
Cayden:  "My dad flies helicopters."


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