Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy New Year

It has been quite some time since our last post. Many things have happened in our incredible class.  We came back to school on January 7th.  It was a long day and we were VERY tired after our restful break.

Something very exciting happened last week in our class.  Our teacher was nominated by Chloe and her mom for the Golden Apple award from City TV's Breakfast Television.  The reason for the nomination was because of our inspiring bullying video.  The host, Drew, from Breakfast television came to our class last Wednesday and brought us pizza and pop. Not only did Drew come but he brought his amazing camera man Justin and their side kick Cara.  WE all got to be on TV and it also showed our teacher receiving the Golden Apple Award.  Then Drew, Justin and Cara all gave us their autographs.  It was the best afternoon in our whole history of life. 

In math we are learning about time.  Last week we learned about the difference in time short and longer then recess.  We discussed activities that would relate to these times.  Callan stated that having a snack lasts shorter then morning recess and Chloe stated that reading a book lasts longer then morning recess. 

Today we timed ourselves by clapping.  We had to estimate the number of claps it would take us to do various activities such as touching the four walls in our classroom, stretching to the ceiling and to the floor, walking all the way to Mme Towells room, doing 20 jumping jacks and writing both our first and last names. 

Cayden learned that it is important to know about time.
 Nyah: "This activity showed us how different activites take different times."
Peridon: "When you clap it shows you every second."
Amber: "It only takes like 10 seconds to tie a shoe."
Kylee: "It took a short amount of time to walk to Mme Towells room."
Robyn: "The jumping jacks took me 20 seconds to do."
Maia: "It only takes one second to reach to the ceiling and then down to the floor."

It is also our I LOVE TO READ Month at school and we are going to be reading a lot of amazing books during the next month both in French and English.

We would love to invite parents or grandparents to come and read their favorite picture book to our INCREDIBLE GRADE 3 class . 

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