Sunday, 8 September 2013

First Day of School with NEW Incredible Grade 3 Students

WELCOME to a new school year.  Friday was our first day together and we had a great day getting to know each other.  
We spent some time introducing ourselves and shared with others something that we liked.  Mme started and she had a ball of yarn.  Once she said what she liked she held the end of the yarn and through it to another student.  This continued until everyone had a chance to share and also had a piece of the yarn.  Once done we had a web which symbolized how we are connected to one another. 

 Each table group received a puzzle to work on.  This was to help us learn how to work together and also the importance of team work.  We have not finished the puzzles yet but we are sure looking forward to them being done.  During this activity students were helping and encouraging each other while putting pieces together.  This activity definitely helped build community within the class.

We spent some time looking at Twitter and how to write a tweet.  Each day we will have two students who will be class tweeters.  We had music and gym and then it was time to go home.  Both the students and Mme were exhausted from their INCREDIBLE first day of school.

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