Saturday, 14 September 2013

This week at school

This week we created our own dots to celebrate International Dot Day which is this Sunday September 15th.  International Dot Day is from a book called "The Dot" which speaks about leaving your mark on something that is important.  Ethan's mark was to ask people to play with him in the morning if they were standing alone.  Sydnee and Sam would like to leave their mark by sharing their drawings with others.

 We are making our dots for International Dot Day

We also created our class contract and what we believe should happen in our class.  We believe that everyone desearves to be respected. We also believe that learning can be fun and that we learn from speaking with each other.  We believe that we are all friends and need to keep each other safe.  The last thing we believe in is that we need to encourage each other to always do our best.

We are working together in groups and demonstrating what we as a class believe in.

TODAY, we learned about the 9 multiple intelligences, did you know that every person learns in a different way.  They are; musical-rhythmic, logical-mathematical, intrapersonal, naturalistic, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, verbal-linguistic, visual-spacial and the 9th existential.  We took a quiz to see which multiple intelligence explains the way we learn best and which intelligence we still need to work on.  Wyatt scored highest in the intrapersonal intelligence, which means that he works better when he is alone and that he keeps a lot of his feelings to himself.  Ethan scored the highest in logical-mathematical intelligence, which means that he is really good at solving problems, counting, numbers and reasoning. Kiana scored highest in the visual-spacial intelligence which means that learns best with pictures and graphs.  She also loves to draw and do crafts.   We will continue to learn about these intelligences so that we know who to go to for help when we are having difficulty with something.

 This was our first full week at school and we made it.  We are growing together as a class.  Friendships and bonds are beginning.  This will for sure be one INCREDIBLE year. 

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