Sunday, 27 October 2013


Thursday we made apple sauce.  This is what we did.
Bryden: First we counted all of the apples.
Rylan: Then we crated a math story using the apples we counted.
Bailee: We had to measure the apples, we did this by using a string and then measuring the string with a ruler.
Justin: Next we estimated how many seeds were in the apples.  I thought that our apples had 50 seeds.
Sydnee: Our next step was to peel the apples.  We got to use a special peeler and butter knifes.
Felix: After we got the peels off we had to cut the apple up to the core. My mom was in my class to help us cut up the apples.
Carter: Then once we had a full bowl of sliced apples we had to weigh them.  My groups apples weighed 455g.  That's a lot of apples.
Kiana: Next, we put all the cut up apples into a huge pot.
Wyatt: Then we added sugar.  We got to mix up all of the apples with our hands.  It felt really gooey and sticky.
Antun:  The next step was to add some cinnamon
Bronwyn: Next Felix's mom helped us by cooking the apple sauce for us!  Thank you very much Mrs Ross!
Kiana: It was incredible!
Ethan: It tasted good.
Sydnee: It was delicious!
Teagan: It was the best apple sauce I ever tasted!
Wyatt: It was not normal apple sauce, it was cinnamon apple sauce.
Rylan: The cinnamon really hit the spot!
Reese: It tasted really, really, really, really, really good!
Bryden: It smelt good and it was awesome!
Sam: I tried it but I did not like it.

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