Thursday, 3 October 2013

The past few days

Sorry that we have not posted in a while.  We have been VERY busy.
Last week, we skyped with a class of grade 5's.  They where from North Carolina in the United Staes of America.  Did you know that they do not have any snow there?  That is so weird because we have tons of it.

Here is what students have to say...
Ethan: It was fun to try to figure out where they lived.
Carter: It was really interesting because we found out where they live and they found out where we live.
Sydnee: They asked lots of good questions and they live far a way from us.
Jersea: It was cool, awesome and interesting.

Today we went swimming for the very first time.  ALL grade 3's in our division take 6 weeks of swimming throughout the year.

Here is what the students had to say...

Bronwyn: Our instructors were all really nice.
Wyatt: We got to do back floats and front floats a lot.  We got to swim in different parts of the pool. 
Baillee: It was really fun
Kiana: They have a deep-end and a shalow-end
Justin: We had lots of fun.
Ethan: It is a really warm pool.
Sydnee: It was fun because it was the first time we had swimming at school
Carter: We all had different teachers.