Thursday, 7 March 2013


In our class we have been learning about bridges.  The four bridges that we have learned about are the suspension, cable, beam and arch bridges.
  The suspension bridge is a bridge that holds a lot of weight.  It has a lot of strong wires.  Kylee explains the "overhead cable on the suspension bridge holds the other straight cables for the weight." The Golden Gate Bridge is the most famous suspension bridge and it is located in San-Francisco California.
The cable bridge is like the suspension bridge but the cable is attached to the posts.  Nyah states "the poles and the cables make a triangle together."  Peridon says, "triangles are the strongest shape, they help keep the bridge together."
The arch bridge "has holes to let boats pass through it," states Dakota.  Shae explains that arch bridges "are often made of bricks." Callan shared, "the holes in the bridge are called arches."  Sameer believes that "the arch bridge is one of the strongest bridges because it has no cables to hold it up."
The beam bridge is often used for trains to cross.  It is the sturdiest bridge.
Seamus states, "that in Winnipeg we have arch bridges and beam bridges."
Throughout our learning, we created our own videos.  We took clips from Discover education and we took out the audio.  After wrote our own scripts and recorded them on to the video.  Mme Badger showed us how to green screen ourselves into our videos.  It was an incredible experience for our class.  Stay tuned for our videos to be posted.  

Here are some pictures of us working on our videos with our partners

We built our very own bridges.   Our bridges were made from many recyclable materials, such as cardboard, Popsicle sticks, Styrofoam and other materials such as tape, toothpicks, string, marshmallows, glue and many more.  Then we tested our bridges to see how much weight they could hold in grams.  Many of us had very different and interesting bridges. 

Pictures of some of us testing the streangth of our bridges.

Next time you go over a bridge, think of all the incredible information you learned from class.

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