Monday, 25 March 2013


This was our last week with the ipads in our class and we wanted to do something to show off how well we communicate and express ourselves in French. 
Mme gave us plays which were adapted by Wendy Maxwell.  We had to practice them many times. Then, we used the app Puppet Pals and chose our characters and recorded the play. 
We loved doing this activity because it proves that we have learned so much French in our four years in school.  Even though it is not perfect, we are so proud of everything that we have accomplished this far.  
We are sad to see the ipads go, we had the best learning experiences having them at our fingertips.  The world is ours to discover and we will continue to do this, just in different ways.  Have fun watching our INCREDIBLE plays because we had an INCREDIBLE time making them.  

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