Monday, 25 March 2013

Our Structure Videos.

The final project in our Structures unit was to create videos explaining concepts and vocabulary that we had learned.  First, Mme gave us several videos that she downloaded from Discovery Education.  We had to import all of the videos into imovie so that we could work with them.  Once the videos were imported we were able to choose clips from any of the videos to use in our own video.  
We were then able to extract the audio and record our own voices into the clips, sharing what we had learned about structures and bridges. The neatest thing was that we put ourselves into the video by green screening.  Mme took video of us in front of the green screen and then we added them to our videos.
We did not do this project alone and could not have done it without the help of one of our coordinators of instruction, Joan Badger.  She showed us all of the steps and was there to help us with anything that we needed.  
This was such a great way to show our learning and understanding of what Mme had taught us throughout the course of the unit.  We are very proud of our learning and hope that you enjoy our INCREDIBLE videos. 

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